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Author Topic: Mature Posh Totty, Euston - a great find  (Read 1434 times)

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I was in London last week and saw Tanya (Mature Posh Totty: https://www.adultwork.com/1023653 or https://www.adultwork.com/Mature+Posh+Totty) last Thursday. I don't quite know why I've always managed to miss her profile before, she's right up my street looks-wise. I was slightly nervous about the fact she is English - my experiences with English WGs haven't been that great. But after exchanging a few texts to set up the meeting she seemed friendly so I went for it. VERY glad I did - she's moved into my top 5 all-time punts.

She was working from a new hotel in the King's Cross/Euston area, which is where I had a work meeting, so was dead easy to find. In fact I was running 15 minutes early, asked if that was OK, and got a prompt text back saying it was no problem. Hotel reception didn't pose any problems - the reception was a large space so was able to walk straight to the lifts without being stopped (I know there are those among you who get nervous about hotel visits). Up to the room, she opened the door... and WOW. She says she's a size 8 but if anything she's a 6 - exactly the way I like them. Long dark hair, black lingerie, pert (fake) tits, great tiny arse, really toned body that would be great on a 20 year old. I reckon she's mid-30s, and to have a body like that is pretty special. In short - she IS the girl in the photos, and from the beginning she was friendly and chatty (but not annoyingly so!)

The business end out of the way (£70 for 30 mins, plus an extra £10 for OWO, which I knew about and had agreed in advance), I had a shower and came back to be greeted by - no joke - the longest and deepest snog I think I've ever had. Incredible - fully open mouth, tongues meeting each other... this is how DFK should be! We must have snogged, standing up, for 5 minutes without stopping for breath, by which point I was hard as a rock. We moved over to the bed, still kissing, and I started playing with her through her panties, then slipped one finger underneath, partly expecting the old "no fingers, babe" warning that tends t happen pretty often with WGS. But no - she ground her crotch onto my hand as I slipped one, then two, then three fingers inside her, and started finger fucking her. She seemed to enjoy it :) I shifted position so she could take my cock in her mouth (OWO), while I alternated between fucking her with my fingers and going down on her with my tongue.

I was close to popping so on with the condom and I started fucking her in mish... and the weirdest thing happened - I went slightly, and temporarily, limp. God knows why, because in my head this was already ranking among my best WG experiences. Anyway, she immediately took the condom off, took me back in her mouth, and after 10 seconds I was rock hard again, and came like a fucking volcano shortly afterwards - hitting her square in the face.

We had a good natter while we were dressing about her life (she's a smart cookie with a lot more going on in her life than being a WG).... Tanya moves to my very short list of "girls I'll see again". Fantastic experience with a seriously hot MILF.

8 review(s) found for Mature Posh Totty linked to in above post (7 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

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