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Author Topic: GABRIELLA - Birmingham (off Broad Street)  (Read 1860 times)

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So I decided visit her, keeping my hopes up - I was disappointed. Booked for an hour via 3rd party of course(had to talk to someone else), had to wait around 5 min by the door after they let me into the building, I could them inside doing something in a hurry. Finally, some other girl opened a door, while GABRIELLA behind her, don’t know what was that about...

Pictures are 100% hers, would I call her fat, yes, but it’s not jelly kind of fat, everything is surprisingly firm, boobs and ass included but definitely not slim. After we started I noticed she isn’t very flexible and worse of all, unshaved legs...

No OWO, no French kissing, only kiss the lips without a tongue, which defeats the point. Overall, nothing special. She also a "timewaster" as in keep going to the next room where her girlfriend is at, she even had to go get tissues into the next room. I'd say if I would to add up all the time she spent in that room, would be easily -10min of my time. £70 for 30 min, £100 hour. Not recommended.

Offline Whitebeer

I think I know this group as I've used them once before. Is it the one on Sherborne st? If it is then it's an agency called elite escort run by a girl called Diana. Only god knows how they still exist as the same thing happened to me! I actually met a different girl who was very good looking but as soon as she said no OWO I should've walked because it was downhill from there on. I spoke to Diana (who answers the phone) to complain but she just said tough luck!
Don't mean to hijack your thread but watch out for this group as they advertise all their girls with the same number.

Yeah, Sherborne Street. Tragic really, I knew it was an agency but didn't expect it to be that bad...

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