Author Topic: AdultWork profile pics from overseas escort sites  (Read 244 times)

Offline Mifune

I've recently come across several AW profiles that are using pics from overseas escort sites.

E.g. this AW profile: using the same 3 pics from a French escort site listing that I found doing an image search.

Wondering what people think of this?  Is it more likely a slightly subtler way to steal photos than from Instagram or porn/glamour models?  Or could it be legit?  i.e. an escort previously working overseas now working in the UK?

Offline Lewis

In AW's terms of service it mentions:-

"Any profile pictures uploaded to the Site must only be used in conjunction with  If the pictures are found on any other website your membership may be jeopardised."

In other words, if you think the profile is fake, report it on this basis.