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Author Topic: Victoria Gray  (Read 2130 times)

Roland D Hay


Odd that there are no reviews on here for this WG? She's been around for quite a while now. I saw her a while ago and she was instantly forgettable, turned up to my punt with some old woman who looked like Edith the hunchback from the Scottish Comedy series 'Still Game'. She then offered me a threesome with her involved. I declined the offer, tempting as it was. I found her to be a less than average punt, much less attractive than her profile might suggest, badly done fake tits and not a particularly pleasant girl, the type that loves herself and treats punters like mugs. She has great feedback on her AW page though so obviously someone likes her.

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Offline enigma247

cant do with WG's with shit attitude, don't they realise that repeat business guarantees £££?? Maybe you should have banged the old crone instead, might have appreciated it  :rolleyes:

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