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Author Topic: Best Kisser in London at around £80  (Read 1040 times)

Offline joshwinkers

After what's been a pretty shitty year financially, and only a few Soho punts, I've finally got enough money to see a lass at around the £80 mark (I could stretch to £100 at the very most if the girl was outstanding) - and deep french kissing is really important to me in a punt (moreso than owo). So I was wondering if anyone could recommend a girl who was a really fantastic and intimate a kisser? I'd prefer someone between 20 - 35, but otherwise I'm not too bothered by the rest of the services they offer. So if anyone could help out, it'd be hugely appreciated...

Hot_Katalina imo but on holiday for a couple of weeks

Offline joshwinkers

Thanks for the suggestion, she looks amazing, but unfortunately her being on holiday means it's not going to happen - this year at least, but I have bookmarked her page in the hope that 2014's a better year for me punting wise!

Offline joshwinkers

Just thought I'd bump this in the hope someone can help me out, I'm planning to see a girl tomorrow, but really aren't sure who to go with right now...

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