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Noted that nobody is going down the route of legalising and registering brothels which would be a better option IMO.

I am not sure how much criminalising paying for sex will work.  Most are already cautious for other reasons anyway.

This is music to the ears of the feminists and the churches which want to criminalise the purchase of sexual services. By conflating human trafficking of Roms with the predominantly British girls on AW who do it out of personal choice, the abolitionists may get their way.
Part of the blame falls on us as punters for ever going near Romanian WGs. I'm afraid this is not going to change, since too many punters think not with their brain, but with their nether parts.


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This is music to the ears of the feminists and the churches which want to criminalise the purchase of sexual services.

There's never an accompanying item discussing how many people are trafficked and work in restaurants or nail bars, which is probably far more prevalent than the sex trade.

Exactly. The feminazis' solution to the problem of trafficking of girls is to make punting illegal. Logically, the response to the problem of fruit pickets involved in trafficking would be to ban fruit sales. Right?

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More evidence trafficking is a rallying cry to muster forces in the anti lobby. 

This rings resoundingly hollow to me.  I must have punted 300 SP's in the last five years and the hint of trafficking has occurred to me in a vanishingly small number of these punts. 
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Yet more bollocks from self-righteous MPs who are not just clueless about the issue, they are just plain stupid.  :diablo:

Trafficking is not a big problem and these dullards clearly don't know the difference between 'trafficked' and 'managed'.

They also say "ministers should criminalise paying for sex... to tackle the demand from sex buyers that drives sex trafficking".

So they don't even know the law.  :dash:

It is already illegal to pay for sex with someone who is trafficked, in fact anyone who is "subject to force" ie physically bullied by a pimp - and this is 'strict liability' so it does not matter if a punter knew the girl was being forced into prostitution against her will or not.

Criminalising paying for sex in a blanket way is unnecessary and counterproductive because it is just going to make the problem of trafficking worse, as it it will drive prostitution underground and put all sex workers at greater risk.

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The days of UKP & Adultwork are numbered as legislation will be introduced to ban them.