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Author Topic: What's your perfect day?  (Read 410 times)

I'm sitting in the car waiting to see my favorite girl for 1hr and I just realised I've got what could be a perfect (Or near perfect) day in front of me. After what will be a fantastic session that will leave me totally satisfied I'm going to a car dealers and will be ordering a new car. Even the salesgirl is a hot 20 something. Then I'm going to a couple of sex shops to see if I can add to my sex toy collection, fancy a prostate stimulator. This is a prelude to a 2hr session with aforementioned escort next week. Then to finish things off I'm going out tonight to drink copiase amounts of Guiness and Jack Daniels.  Happy days.  :yahoo:

Offline Kriss

I'd do exactly the same, but I don't want to be a copiase  :lol:

Offline skittish

What does a hot 20 something bird know about cars? Sounds like part of your day could turn out a disaster! Good luck with the punt though.

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