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Author Topic: Freya of Naughty Northern Escorts  (Read 6035 times)

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From her pictures I thought Freya going to be attractive but a bit slim for my tastes, but after reading  positive comments from other posters on UKPunting I decided to give her a visit. I'm very glad I did.

I booked her for a 1 hour incall at the Ashington flat on Friday 8th November.

I would say her pictures aren't a very good representation of her. She's curvier in reality and has blonde hair now. The good news is that she's even better in real life than she is in her photos.

When she opened the door my first thought was "phwoar!" She's very attractive facially and her body is fabulous - shapely legs, curvy bum and hips and a lovely pair of firm natural D boobs. She was wearing sexy black undies with black hold ups and looked gorgeous.

She's a really nice girl too, very friendly, bubbly and a good laugh.

After I took a quick shower we lay on the bed for a good snog (DFK) and a fondle before she gave me OWO which she is very good at. Then reverse O, sex (cowgirl and missionary), 69, then she gave me more OWO until I came in her mouth (a first for me!) She's a really active participant in the action, very tactile and passionate throughout. 

She's no clock watcher either, we overran by a few minutes but there was no hint of being rushed out of the door.

I'd highly recommend her and will definitely return.

Offline Toshiba

Great review, and right on the radar

Offline Pocket rocket

Thanks prof excellent review Freya here I come

But who do you prefer, Freya or Sarah?

But who do you prefer, Freya or Sarah?

I'd say Sarah, but it's a bit like asking whether you prefer Megan Fox or Jessica Alba.

Of the 11 girls I've seen so far, Sarah is my favourite.

Offline Mark74

Did Freya say if she had any outfits?

Did Freya say if she had any outfits?

She didn't and I didn't think to ask her.

I might be seeing her again this week, if I do I'll ask her and let you know.

Offline renatus

I saw her today and it was a good session , however unlike girls from other agencies she did not offer OWO or DFK. Don't know why, I am not a bad looking person and have no problems with other women (although I have an unshaven beard and long hair which i have not really taken care of because of work stress lately) but maybe she just did not feel like it, can't speculate too much as everyone is different depending on what day it is. I am not really bothered about OWO or DFK anyway.

 Still, a very fun girl to be around and very raunchy in bed. Saw a nice array of heels by the entrance and got her to try out some which I liked, she looked very hot in them. Nice legs, nice arse, blonde, bubbly, hot Scottish accent. She struggled to walk in the heels but I told her I could help her with that (aha, naughty). Started with a gentle massage on her suggestion (I thought "Ok. Hot, why not?") on which I told her she can warm me up, I had cold hands and were playing along with this flirting, which set the scene. Well, it made me want to ravage her because it was too slow for my liking and we were both wearing too many clothes.

So, I took control and got her her grinding on top of me nice and slowly, had to tell her to slow down because I did not want to cum in the first five seconds. Then I got her knelt over the bed to be taken from behind. I went for it here and grabbed on to different parts of her body as I fucked her. Her hips, her breasts, her shoulders. She was the perfect size for me to fuck. It's not like with some of the younger girls (i.e. teens and early 20's where they just seem to be passive during sex, both in the escorting and non escorting world). She was moaning away without it sounding over the top. I think she said something about her knees hurting when knelt on the bed so she had to lean over the bed. This was a turn on for me, it made me want to fuck her harder, and grab and slap her arse while I was at it.

 Lastly, I got on top of her in missionary where i pinned her down, took control and pounded her. We got he stockings and heels off and she had her legs wrapped around my back as I pinned her down. She was teasing along "Come on then Mr. Passionate".  I could have paced myself a bit more but the missionary went on for a while and I was giving her light bites on her neck and feeling her arse. She is very tight and in terms of sex this is brilliant. We were both groaning quite loudly at this point with the bed rocking away because i was really trying to fuck her harder, and I came hard into the condom. 

Needless to say, I like blondes and I really wanted to fuck her as soon as I walked through the door. Half an hour is a very good amount of time too as it is the ideal amount of time for sex and cuts out too much of the non necessary small talk. She is very nice to talk to yes, but I had other things on my mind. I am honestly going to have to take a cold shower now.

Offline DaveMugabe

Thats it

I have to book her again!!  (Might have to have a cold shower too now!)

Hmmm, I saw her a couple of weeks ago, and OWO and DFK was offered, and taken up (she asked if kissing was ok first), and her OWO was very nice. Very nice personality, quite pretty, nice tits but she gets marked down on her 'odour'. It was more a sweaty odour than the usual 'I have had a busy day with punters' odour (I prefer to be a WG's first appointment). Not my best punt, but I am sure she will be popular.

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