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Author Topic: Blonde Courtesan - Dartford Kent (My first ever punt!)  (Read 3913 times)

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Just thought I would tell you about my first ever punt.

Ok so having decided to take the plunge I contacted one escort and got a no show. Annoyed I went to plan B, I nervously rang the number shown and it was answered by a man (not a good start I thought!, this punting lark seemed really difficult). He turned out as you have guessed to be the "maid" or pimp, he was polite though and referred to me as sir which I was surprised at. I asked if peaches was available, he said yes we agreed a time and he gave me the post code of a hotel and some basic instructions on how to get there. Now I had quite a bit of energy and wasn't too sure how long it would take with traffic and as I don't know Dartford that well, so I left in plenty of time and found the hotel very easily. It was so easy to get too that I was 35 minutes early. So I parked up and tried to relax in the car listening to music. About 7 minutes before the meeting I finally rang again to get the room number. The same guy answered and he told me to go up and gave me the room number.

I then wander / run around the hotel desperately looking for the stairs without catching the eye of any bar staff or anyone else.... I think I was about as obvious as I could be without having a placard on my back saying new punter here.

I find the door, now I am really nervous,  the running around the hotel, the 30 minute wait in the car, the earlier no show all seem to have contributed plus its like its my first time with a girl all over again. WTF!!!. I almost just turn around and walk away at this point, but I knock on the door.

No answer, wow what a relief and just as I was about to turn to go the door opens and a girl looks at me saying "hi come in" (Damn! ... erm I mean great).

Ok now to the actually review as I have probably bored you with the preamble :P

Peaches was definitely the age she says she is on AW or close enough to not make any difference. She was wearing some sexy underwear and stilettos. Think lapdancer clothing and you will be spot on  because her other job is apparently a lapdancer.  We sort out the paperwork.

Description:  body wise she was slim and fit, dress size 8 as per her profile. She is short once she took off the stilettos anyway as I had to bend down to kiss her. She had blonde hair as per her pics and I would say her face was an 8/10.

She was clearly experienced and easily picked up that I was very nervous and it was my first ever punt. She started off with some kissing then with a striptease/lapdance which was pretty good as you would expect from her line of work. Obviously the no touching rule didn't apply with her lapdance which was even better. So that got me going she then made me stand next to the bed / mirror so she could give me owo. Lovely view as I could look down on her sucking and also look at the mirror and see her from a different angle. She also does deep throat so her gagging as she got me as far down her throat as possible was impressive.  After that we went into mish, doggy, cowgirl and on the side of the bed before we went onto A levels.  Eventually the hour was up and I have to say that this girl was working pretty much non stop for the whole period. Really impressed with her stamina. She seemed pretty disappointed that I hadn't popped despite her efforts which was down in the main to my nerves.

Her last words to me before I left were "you have got to be fking kidding" as I also told her that I had knocked one out before I left for the meeting. But she had an amused smile/dazed look on her face when she said it.

Ok the negatives.

Her kissing wasn't deep french kissing
Her incall was a hotel and I didn't enjoy trying to find the room
Only works on Tuesdays

The positives
Great deep BJ
She really worked hard using alot of techniques (PSE)
Good lapdance
She is English and if there had been a break you can at least chat while you prep for round 2
Coms were good thanks to the maid

If your new to punting in Kent then she isn't a bad choice for someone to start out your career with, she is friendly while still being professional.

https://www.adultwork.com/1430690 or https://www.adultwork.com/Blonde+Courtesan

Hope it helps


1 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline 8a8ylon

Good review...how cum you didn't take the lift + was A extra?

Offline 8a8ylon

Just checked out her mate Kate....why are all the good one WG wish she was my actually GF wouldn't stray at all:'(

The really sad thing is I didn't take the lift because I thought it would be more discrete - less chance of meeting actual guests in the hotel if I went by the stairs plus was concerned if it had a guest card to be activated as have had that in other hotels when I stayed in them although it was very unlikely.

Yeah  I have seen Kate's profile but never booked her. May do in the new year although its odd she hasn't got any feedback.

Sorry just reread your post and I havent answered one of your questions
The A's was extra around £20 I think.

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