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Author Topic: Newbie - some help  (Read 1214 times)

Offline pcp555

Hi Guys & Gals

I am new to punting and hoping to have my first one next week :)

I always had an attraction to oriental women, but I am struggling to find anyone good one close to my location (Camberley /Farnborough). I scrolled though AW and found a lady by the name Little-June, but now she has moved to High Wycombe( not far off, but doesn't look like she is working).
Any other Oriental ladies that you would recommend?

I also came across this lady while I was browsing and just wanted to check if anyone here had any experience with her before.


Also thinking of seeing Rebecca (Basingstoke) next week  :rolleyes:

Any guidance from the experienced would be much appreciated


Offline xsw21

Hi there and welcome to the forum. I’m not quite the pro, but I have had a few punts and none have been with any Asian ladies. I may not be qualified enough to give you any advice but seeing as no one’s replied to your post, I’ll give it a go.

I don’t generally trust some of the profiles that advertise Asian escorts on AW because I’m quite sure most of them are fake. So it’s up to you if you wanna take the gamble, but I suggest that you call them first to have a chat and if everything sounds good, go for it. If you turn up and the girl looks nothing like the girl in the pic, just walk away.

I found these 2 and again I don’t know if they are real so it’s up to you if you wanna take the gamble.



As for this     http://www.katymaidenheadescort.co.uk/
scam! FAKE! Stay well clear!!! I googled the pics and it turns out they are pics of a well know Japanese pornstar, Ai Tanaka.

I would say your best bet is to go with Little-June. She has mostly positive feedback and the pictures look real enough to me. Also, I think this link may help you.


I believe all the best Asian girls are in London and if you search the forum you should find many that have already been reviewed.

Good luck…

Offline Jim59

There is a Chinese WG near Rayners Lane (HA2) who is very sexy. Offers FK and very tight. I have seen her twice. Can't copy link to her profile but she is 31 and called Coco. Also has another profile under another name - not sure why

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