Author Topic: Is Adultwork crap at the moment  (Read 2192 times)

Is it me or is there a poor selection of WG's on AW at the moment

I normally punt around Heathrow or harrow and the selection over the last month has been crap lots of Rom's have also flooded the market?

Yeh its been crap for me for 1yr + too much rubbish

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its been crap for the past 2 to 3 years in my opinion-waste of time

Yes.. the fact it's been flooded with scammers or fake ads doesn't help.. has got worse since the scammers can't use backpage

Aw don't give a fuck and are likely to be the next backpage and soon shut down if they don't start dealing with this stuff

Yep agreed. Especially The southwest section in my opinion. The same 5-10 popular girls (most of them Bristol way)
Loads and loads of EE girls who appear one minute & disappear the next. And yes a growing number of scammers. Shame it’s gone down hill, there is still the odd rare one who is fine but a lot of them just whack up their prices.

Any better sites for finding decent girls?

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I’ve noticed it’s been pretty dire in sw and West London however I have a couple of regs who I rely on. Also tried SA this month which has lead to some success but it’s a completely different format - forget about skiving off for an hour - you need most of the day

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Sometimes it's like looking at the staff list of the Romanian Embassy.

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Its terrible.. they company have screwed themselves.


They have allowed cam girls to advertise as escorts. when they don't.
Large agencies advertising girls to escort so they get page views.. most don't exist, and cam just a bit.
Demanding too much cash cut for certain things.

The market is open for new competition...

Shall us punters set up our own Punting search engine ? :-)

Take a loook at this profile

Link to this Profile Page using or

It mentions the same profiles I've been reporting daily for 8 weeks.. it's not dealing with shit like this that led to backpage being shut down.. I report some profiles and they do fuck all about it

I think it been totally shit for 3 years. It's very hard to find anybody half decent.

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Garbage for years, which explains my downturn in punting. Just two punts this year

this makes me wonder how AW was during the heydays

I'm pretty sure that around 95% of new girls on the site are just private gallery scammers and in all likelihood, set up by bots...

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What's the alternative though to AW?

Cos vivastreet seems shit to me.


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It does seem to be getting worse. Id say a mixture of the temporary flood of eastern europeans and AW attitude to members problems....if you dont like it leave. Then the good ones leave


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The best site at the moment is seeking arrangement. More expensive but packed full of hot girls. Well worth joining.

I think AW has always been variable.  If it looks to good to be true, it probably is. Especially if is a new profile with little feedback and a Pvt gallery!

However apart from sites like this with 'independent' reviews I do not see any alternative apart from using a parlour.  Certainly vivastreet will be less reliable.

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I've been using it for around four years - the key is to cross-reference anyone you're interested in with the search box here.  Not noticed any real difference in the time I've been using AW, but I'm a London punter which is always going to have a big choice of WGs.

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Any time I do an area search it's always pretty depressing. A few genuine, attractive girls amongst a sea of EE girls, PG scam profiles, fatties (BBW escorts seem to be on the rise) and so on. If a handful of girls all stopped working in my region, the prospects would be pretty grim indeed, there don't seem to be many new girls coming through either

can you think of another site that generates the revenue it does which has had 0 money spent on improving it for users experience. I cant recall a single change or upgrade ever!! I know you are more discussing the quality of girls on there but a better interface would make for a better experience and likelihood of attracting better women!

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Semi yes...
Thought I would never go agency route but have and the rate is slightly above what adultworks rate would be for the honeys/super honeys..

All I want is the mango at a very good price ..
To me it's like
Sainsburys vs tesco

To be honest some agency women are pricing themselves out and on adultworks too some are pricing themselves out yet physically they are not spectacular. .

Classic resting on their laurels mentality.

Hopefully a new company will come along and put them out of their misery.

On the cam girls point, recetly I was in Nottingham, I contacted a number of girls, for a booking over a week away (10 days). Three of them told me they are sick and not meeting anyone, I asked "how do you know you will still be sick next week?", I am still waiting for replies....

Been almost two months since coming back from Asia and I haven't punted once. AW is shit even in London, I'm no longer a fan of parlours especially house of divine, and I'm not willing to pay 180-350 quid an hour that a lot of birds in London now seem to think is an acceptable price. Fuck that!

To be fair the 'Bang for your buck' is never going to compare with Asia.