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Author Topic: Punters who book but don't turn up  (Read 3549 times)

Offline SirPhilipXX

Cardiff has been mentioned as one city where WGs experience a high number of no-shows and other cities have previously been mentioned in the past.

But why??  Why would punters in City A be mostly OK but in City B mostly unreliable?  I can't think of any good reason - can anyone really explain why this should be so?

That's because it is not true IMO.
Clearly some WGs have bad experiences in one city and avoid it in the future, others love the place and keep returning. Cardiff has no shortage of visiting escorts, not as many as Bristol admittedly - but then Bristol is bigger so presumably has a lot more punters

Offline Kriss

I've been turned down once or twice for not having enough FRs on AW. I don't normally book via the AW system because the girls I see mostly want a booking by phone. I've never been a no-show, but I have been 'stood-up' by two pro$$ies. And yes, of course, I look at more than one girl, but I only ever book one of them.  :hi:

Offline Daffodil

The poor dears.   :dash:

What about when a punter travels for an hour, gets to the road, rings for the exact address and gets voicemail ------ yes, that has happened to me.

That has nothing to do with this thread. Of course a prossie wasting a punter's time is wrong, but the thread is quite specific. Punters wasting a prossie's time is detrimental to both prossie and punter.

If you want to start a thread lamenting the woes of the time wasted punter then feel free. This thread, however, concerns the negatives a genuine punter may encounter because non-genuine punters time waste  :hi:

Offline Daffodil

The Problem is many think an e mail or phone call is going to be a booking, when they don't materialise they shout "timewaster" instead of realising it was something else that put the guy off, perhaps their attitude   :blush:

People look at cars TV's Computers and all other items without buying everytime, pro$$ies need to realise just because the guy doesn't pick them it doesn't mean the guys a timewaster, just he decided not to see them  :hi:

Very true, but I think the thread title and content is quite specific. If a punter books a prossie and then does a no-show then that is detrimental to both.

I agree that prossies sometimes confuse an enquiry with a booking, but if you take this post at face value, a punter actually arranging a booking and then doing a no-show, you should accept that that is wrong and has a negative impact on genuine punters.

Offline Daffodil

The fact of the matter is that if every punter who made booking a with a prossie followed through there would be far less reason to double-book (like the cunt W4R).

We see time-wasters on here. There must be hundreds on adultwork.

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