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Author Topic: Pre-Punt Wank  (Read 4307 times)

Offline Toshiba

Tricky one this, ive let myself down on a couple of punts and its a big thing im scared of, cumming to quick.

You need a good plan of sex you want before punt, no point going for the big one too early

Slowly does it

Offline Sentinal

For me it depends, if the booking is in the morning then I make sure I've had one night before but even then the first fuck of the day you have to have some control.

If the booking is in the evening I would usually(but not always) have one about 4 hours prior. I've found this to be the perfect time frame in that it reduces sensitivity but also gives you plenty of time to build back up.

Stress is the worst thing for PE. You never know how stressed you'll be before the booking.
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Offline dilettante

Save your kisses for the WGs you meet, they're wasted on other punters.

Actually I took it to be the "sucks cheeks inwards in painful contemplation" smiley - nice to have your POV bro!  :D

Offline theblade

I like to abstain from spunking for 3/4 days before.I have a wank 1/2 time a day before but stop before I spunk.
I love spunking over the girls so when I do they get a good load.
Can cum 3 times in a 90 min booking so still have plenty of spunk left

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