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Author Topic: JazzminJuicyDS  (Read 1341 times)

Offline Jo mob

Hi, has anyone had any experience with Jazzmin at all? Believe she works with sexychantelle, I've seen good comments about her, but none about Jazzmin, any help appreciated....


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Roland D Hay

She's on my 'to do' list but like you was waiting for a bit more feedback.

Offline CoolTiger

She's on my 'to do' list but like you was waiting for a bit more feedback.

Ditto... She is one of Miss Ashton's girls.

Also, Jazzmin does duo with SEXYCHANTELLE (per Chantelle's profile) , who is also on in my HL.

https://www.adultwork.com/1762543 or https://www.adultwork.com/SEXYCHANTELLEXXX

Offline Leicspunt

 :diablo:I've had some contact with her when she was working at club classique in Loughborough. Responded very quickly to questions and seemed nice enough. Never had the pleasure yet though and it appears she now works only in notts

Offline CoolTiger

The girls in this group tend to move around between CC in Lboro and Directors' Lounge in Derby/Notts(?).

Offline Studdy9

Had anyone had the pleasure? She was in derby this week?

Offline scbond

They are both utter timewasters. Genuine but useless comms and fail to follow through, even with dates that they suggest.

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