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Lara Van Horne – was looking for a bit of anal

I had a 1 hour incall for £150 (no extras) last week.

Her place is just off Mare Street, fit for purpose but not that clean. There is parking nearby and you also have a (free withdrawal) cash machine nearby.

About the escorts physical appearance and personality
On her profile it says 33, probably passed that a while ago. Ok/Nice looking body. Very bad looking, “shrunken” small breasts. Trimmed pubic hair. Some of the public gallery pictures are accurate.

Arranging the meeting.
Exchanged a few messages and the booking was sorted.

During the meeting.
When we meet Lara was in normal clothes. Sorted the finances, asked if I could go for a shower she told me we could start like that.

Lara gets undressed and starts sucking my cock. Ok skills but nothing out of the ordinary.

After a while I ask for condoms and lube. I get 2 condoms but apparently she doesn’t uses lube for anal. I put condoms on, try to use some spit to lubricate the arsehole, put a finger in to ease her and after a while try to put my cock inside. Needless to say that I try to quite while but no luck getting in. Eventually, Lara tell me to just use her cunt. As she is in doggy I make full use of the position and pound away. Shortly after I ejaculate over her arse.

As I am getting ready for round 2 I ask is she wants to try anal again to which she replies I almost used the full hour and I won’t have time (about 20 min left).

I ask for a shower, get offered a wet towel. As I entered the bathroom it looks like a tip, so I get dressed and leave.

1. None


1. No anal.
2. Not a very tidy place.

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She looks like a drug user hooker lowlife..

Wouldn't go near her if she paid me her fee!!