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Author Topic: Brunette Jones?  (Read 9092 times)

Offline Barry Shipton

Gone already - she only made it at the weekend or this morning! To lose one profile is unfortunate, to lose two looks like carelessness.

Hopefully she's not lost all your bookings too.

Offline dino1990

anyone have a kara/jones duo on monday? I have a booking on Thursday for my XMAS treat.

I had a booking for last thursday with brunette jones but her profile(s) disappeared  :unknown:

Offline Sean_321

I managed to speak to brunette not long ago via her email address, she is quitting till march and apparently her profiles where deleted because of some obsessed punter. Hope to see her back soon, did anyone manage to get there Thursday appointment?

Offline Bengeo13

Well, not gone for long! Brunette Jones returns as Sophia Lily - I'm not spilling any beans there - she says so in her profile. Recognised her straight away from her gallery (not the private one) because although different from her old pics they still look very raunchy and in-keeping with her style. Basically they have an effect on me. Not that I can 100% sure about her raunchiness or style because I've never seen her, but not for the want of trying!
Several times during December I tried to book her but to no avail - at the time she was promoting duo's with Northern Kara - gulp! At last I booked a lunchtime alone in Hebburn and arrived safe and sound at the old manor type building and followed the directions and arrived at the correct number, and knocked, and waited, and knocked again, and waited again, and left. I caught up with Brunette on aw email and said what had happened and didn't deserve any negative feedback, and she replied she had been there all the time but hadn't heard me knocking. The feedback was resolved as a non-event.
I guess I'll try again then!

Offline Bengeo13

Just so you know, tried to book Sophia-Lily, aka Brunette Jones, and she replied she's not available until February - so that's you told.

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