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Author Topic: Any leads on Genuinely Bi Ebony Girls?  (Read 467 times)

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I started punting a couple of months ago (about 2 a month) and I'm already running out of leads.

Have any of you seen any Ebony, Brazilian, Mixed or dark olive wg's who are genuinely Bi. You may have noticed particular enthusiasm for pussy during a duo? I prefer profiles that say they see women rather than list just couples. I won't see anyone offering bareback.

I like to take my time and chat so I book two hour out calls for a max of £500. I'm a lipstick butch so I like sweet femmes offering GFE. The hardcore, leather clad PSE types are a turnoff. I prefer a bit of wobble so size 10-14, natural boobs or very natural looking at least.

I've seen two Brazilians: Nicolette and Natalia from London Escorts and First Call respectively. I wasn't impressed with either.

I've seen Lexy at Maxes who I am very impressed with (despite being a size 8) and I will see her again.

I've picked up a lead on Chocolatebabyy from Hendrix's review. We just finding a time to suit us both. Her profile and reviews are ideal, so thanks.

Any more ideas?

Ps. I hope it goes without saying that I won't be offering services including any services to voyeurs.

Offline Rhyard

tried sending you a PM but it says you aren't receiving them??  :unknown:

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