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Author Topic: Best female duo's currently  (Read 566 times)

It's more to get it off my bucket list of things I have to do. I know from reading some threads that they tend to be a bit of a let down so I want the best I can get. Willing to spend a reasonable amount and I am willing to travel anywhere within London or south east.

What I am looking for are girls who are slim and are comfortable with each other as that seems to make a big difference. Am aware of Cindy and Dee so that's one possible, any other suggestions?



Have you checked some of the reviews here on UKP? Hendrix has had a few great sessions recently with a few recent reviews.
Also as you said Cindy/Dee and also Dee/Lucy lots of interaction -

Look at the last 3-4 months of 3some reviews on the London boards -

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