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Author Topic: Hounslow oriental - 40-50 yr old not 20!  (Read 1306 times)

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I had to just walk away as they were so mature - too mature for me..

2 review(s) found for Japanese Oriental linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative)

If anyone saw that C4 documentary about that undercover working girl at a chinese massage parlour, I bet that sums up what this place is like.

Offline mothra

Been to this place last year. Apparently it's a rota system where you get different girls each week. The last time I went there I was introduce to a Spanish girl who didn't speak any English, was very rough looking, disinterested and seemed like she is new to the job. She took her clothes off before I even had a chance to decide to stay. I asked the Chinese maid if she had any oriental girls, she said yes and told me to wait while telling Spanish girl in broken English put her clothes back on. The maid went to fetch the Chinese girl but turns out she was even worst looking than the Spanish girl, so I decided to walk. On my way out the maid tries to tempt me back by telling me there will new girls next week. Never been back since.


Looks like they have a flat in Slough with girls changing - profile Apple - waste of time again having been there twice with different profiles.

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