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Author Topic: Pixie of Milton Keynes  (Read 1744 times)

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30 mins, £60.

Ah, the Beauty of the Blowjob!! Imagine my surprise when last Friday, finding myself with a bit of time to spend in the general area of MK, I gave Annabella's a call to see who was available. Mission Control rattled through a list of possibles and then stopped. "Wait, I've just had a cancellation. Pixie will be free at 3:30!"

There IS a God  :yahoo:

3:32 found me showered, clean and shiny and being devoured by the lovely Pixie. These days I'm too old and too broke - not to mention too knackered - to punt as often as I would like, so I reserve my hard earned coin purely for Galacticos - and Pixie is certainly one of those.

A good half hour of brilliant and energetic oral sex (both ways) and events led to their natural conclusion.

Oh, by the way, Pixie is very much as shown, is a well-names East European blond and it lots of fun, not to mention "good in the room"

Oh, Happy Days!!

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