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Author Topic: The recession must be over.  (Read 1612 times)

I notice of late that you gentlemen of the forum are sharing experiences and checking out real and potential punting opportunities that more times than not sit around the £130/£150 ph level. Am I the only one left who is looking to punt further down the economic chain in the hope of finding some delightful morsels amongst the flotsam and jetsam that inhabit the sub £80/£70 ph primordial ooze?  :unknown:

Offline akauya

You are not the only one. I have a tight budget and tend to look for the economic end of the scale too. However I do save up for expensive punts that I think are worth it. Having said that, as has been proven many times here, the price you pay does not equate for good service; so I am careful which expensive punt I chose for my hard earned and saved cash.

Offline Toshiba

I punt in 30mins normally and i wont pay more than 60 quid, if its an hour no more than 120

Theres no certainty so i keep it to what is the norm

Offline JamesKW

I never pay more than £100 per hour and don't intend to. Sometimes I have to compare it to a good rock concert which are never more than about £80 and decide which I will get greater satisfaction from.
For me a punt is never as good as a good concert and wont leave me with longterm memories only a short term high.


Having recently upped my budget to this range, I think I would rather punt less often with higher quality, well reviewed reliable girls.

A few too many mongers and timewasters floating around in the sub £100 market.

Offline kenw1

I punt in 30mins normally and i wont pay more than 60 quid, if its an hour no more than 120

Theres no certainty so i keep it to what is the norm

I think we are all feeling the recession, I used to punt once a month but now it is once every two months.

Offline willbred

Whilst I sesnse that green shoots might be appearing in some areas, I will not pay more than £70 / £120. Competition amongst WGs will keep prices down for the foreseeable future IMHO
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Offline Jimmyredcab

The recession is certainly NOT over, millions of people are now earning minimum wage and are on zero hours contracts.

Punters may have realized that these bargain basement girls are better avoided.

When you go below the £100 an hour boundary you are entering the danger zone.    :thumbsdown:

Offline kenw1

I recon it will be at least 10 years before we are out of the current recession.

50 for 30 mins and 90 for 1 hour is roughly what I pay

Offline dilettante

Never paid more than £90 ph yet - absolute max would be about £120.

Offline Persie

I am alway a bit cautious about sub £100 girls

Think £120 is okay although would up it to £150 if I thought the girl was okay

Now that I am UKP, will always check a chick before i book :thumbsup:
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Roland D Hay

No, I certainly look not to pay more than £60 for 30 or £100 for 60 though occasionally I break this rule. Have never paid more than £160.
This recession is not over and the bad news is that it will never be over... Get used to it.

The reason being that we make fuck all and therefore we export fuck all, the public sector is like a 25 stone fat bastard being carried on the back of a private sector mouse. People choose to believe these things are cyclical because to date that has been the way of things. My belief is that this one is here to stay... But I digress. I've had some great punts with cheap prossies.

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