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Just thought I would do a review of cassie. It wont be a long one!

I rang Cassie and she had a nice telephone manner, sounded cute she agreed the time so all was good. A little later I got a text telling me should couldn't do the time slot could I do later. Yes thats fine agreed the new time. I should have guessed it was a little odd but she told me to go to Barclays Bank and contact her when I got there. I assumed that she would then ring me or text me the exact address.

So I arrive on time and text her that I am here. Nothing ... nada, no reply to a text or phone calls. But what I did see as I stood there like a plum was a girl matching her description with the exact same hair colour as cassie has in her pics walking past me twice and giving me a stare.  I didn't think too much of it until afterwards when I realised that that was almost certainly cassie and she was checking me out to see if I meet her standards.

I am medium height and build (slightly skinny tbh), white (so it wasn't a race thing) and middle aged. But clearly she didn't fancy me which sort of defeats the whole point of escorting. I was not rude at any point was as nice as pie as that's the sort of guy I am. My advice is if you look above average you should be alright anyone else and your taking your chances of a no show. 

or https://www.adultwork.com/Cassie%5FIn%5FKent


2 review(s) found for Cassie_In_Kent linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline 8a8ylon

I agree with ur assessment that looks aren't important in this buzz unless ur the lady but she does have the right to refuse but the fashion it was don't was shitie :diablo:

Down side u do waste ur time but on the up you saved some £ for some1 more deserving :angelgirl: :dancegirl:

Offline Tailpipe

Fussy cow bet your life that means attitude as well . :diablo:

You may have dodged a bullet there,

Your both right. If she had just texted me saying she wasn't able to see me, it wouldn't have been so bad as I hate standing in a street waiting like that. But at least I saved some money and your right it probably wouldn't have been the best punt. At least its a warning to anyone else.


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