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Author Topic: nicolle.xxx (new Rom in town - Luton)  (Read 926 times)

Offline 8a8ylon

https://www.adultwork.com/2177819 or https://www.adultwork.com/nicolle%2Exxx

Well just browsing the local talentless WG in town and noticed the local Romanian's are rotating the girls.  Anyway came across this find which even thou the likes list has bb and most likes as @d (ie I don't do this for client only boy-friend).

Cuming off of 2 bad punts in this town what are my chances that this lady might be my first ROM I become addicted to? 

If anyone has taken the plunge plz advise..... :hi:

Offline CBPaul

She was in Cambridge a week or so back, discounted her straight off due to no fb, bb on offer and bugger all other information. Looks incredibly hot but not worth the risk.

I know what you mean though, a couple of bad punts and I get tempted by these profiles too.

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