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Author Topic: Looks like a lady  (Read 1368 times)

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I was a little dubious at first, particularly about all the conditions attached when looking at her profile, (please some one put in the link). Meeting in a Hotel that you had to book, letters after her name, black and white pics etc....

Curiousity got the better of me, and, perhaps like a lot of us who have been at this for a while thought if this is all genuine then Allelulia, to be honest I am getting bored rigid of the mechanical routine, the customary half opened door as you are quickly ushered in, shown another door, towel in the middle of the bed, baby wipes on the side, what do you like? Robotic blow job, on with rubber blah blah blah! Cynicism gets to all of us and a lot of it is our own fault because we opt for cheap punts, but when you say cheap as in £100 sometimes and get this level of service we climax and think was that really worth it?

I booked a Travel lodge hotel at £48, my agreed hour was £150. I sat in the Bar, we agreed to have a drink for half an hour before, this was not charged for!

I have been punting for over 20 years now, the person that arrived lifted my spirits and re awakened my whole purpose to continue in this great hobby that I was becoming cynical about.

Emily is 29, intelligent, does not smoke has no tatoos is well spoken and looks terrific. Look wise do a Google image on Louise Mensch the former Tory MP, it could even be her but younger!

Girls lie about GFE, she didn't........it is the first proper GFE I have had in nearly 2 years. She has no attitude, no hang ups, no pimp, no kids.......just a very ordinary girl. She won't be doing this forever, she may even be writing a book about her experiences. Billie Piper would do well to get the part.

Was it all worth £200? My heart has not raced so much since I was dating girls many years ago and that is the experience I want again, yes accept cheap punts for what they are but if you ever have the funds to meet a girl like Emily, if only once a year............DO IT, Fantastic girl. Alleluia !       

Offline PuntingPete


Thank you Mr Kent for your very informative review, glad you enjoyed  :hi:

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Offline SirPhilipXX

She sounds lovely.

But I don't see anything on her profile saying that her outcalls have to be to a hotel. Unless she refuses to do home visits, surely it's not fair to add the hotel charge to her fee, if so this would apply to all girls who only do outcalls. And for a punter already staying at a hotel in the area it would not be an issue either.

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she is a hidden gem 1 that i will see again  :thumbsup:
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Offline ulander

Well done, Mr Kent, and thank you!  A brilliant and uncompromising assessment which means, with a bit of luck, that I will shortly be putting some of my hard-earned cabbage her way.  Can't wait!

Offline TerryTibbs

Excellent information thanks very much indeed!

Terry  :timeout

I stand corrected, good on ya Mr Kent.

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