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Author Topic: Claudia.....Bristol  (Read 950 times)

Offline TerryTibbs

Hi Guys

Just noticed this new girl.

Looks very pretty with some feedback.

Says she is only in Bristol for a short time.



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Offline Pepper

Anyone know what the set up is here.

Over the last couple of months Westbury-on-Trym appears to have become a bit of a hot spot for Polish girls. My guess is that they are working out a house or flat in the area.

Although a lot of the girls (like Claudia) look really fit etc I'm just worried that there are lots of girls working together - exactly the sorts of places I try to avoid...

Offline TerryTibbs


Yes there is a house on Henbury Road that is popular with these girls.

But this girl does look very pretty.


Yes she does Terry, very pretty. I have not visited the place on Henbury Road either but also get a little "Nervous" at such places.

Offline slavealan75

Just checked her profile and she is in London now

Offline Hormann

Have been to the house to see 3 different girls (on 3 different occasions)

All very attractive and ok but routine service. Lovely House though!

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