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Author Topic: Kissing with Minxxy Mia  (Read 1184 times)

Offline Metal Geek

I saw Minxxy Mia late last year, and it would have been an awesome punt save for a couple of things. Although she claimed to kiss at discretion, she said she only kissed her regulars. Otherwise she's a gorgeous woman, incredible body, and she admitted herself she's shaved a few years off her age for the benefit of her AW profile, but unlike some she doesn't look older than her WG years IMO. OWO and sex was great, and she's one of the few girls I've seen where I genuinely felt like I might have made her cum during RO - it didn't feel fake at all, she could just be a very good actress but who cares if she's that good at it.

The only other thing that put me off a little was afterwards she pried a little too much into my private life for my liking. Wanted to know if I was married, why I was seeing escorts, was I happy at home, did I still love my wife etc...

Anyway I've rambled long enough, my question was - has anyone else who's seen Mia indulged in kissing with her? If I was to return to any of the girls I've seen over the last year, my first choice would be Mia, if I thought there was a chance that as a regular she would allow kissing.

Offline Toshiba

Why so many questions?

Bit too weird for me, that would put me off her

Offline Third Man

i saw her a few months ago and agree she is a great punt. She is very talkative, a great looker and i plan to see her again at some point. If memory serves im sure there was kissing to a point, but dont think it was DFK and im pretty sure i made her cum, she kept me down there for ages!  OWO also great so all in all well worth a visit

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