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Author Topic: Ebony & Ivory escorts  (Read 1180 times)

Offline Digger

Anyone know anything about these: http://www.ebonyandivoryescorts.com/ ?
Are they legit?

Noticed this site myself the other day and wondering the same. 1 girl i would be very tempted by.

Offline csmith

i've seen that picture of madison somewhere before i'm sure.

Offline Farmboy

Brooke is beautybrooke from AW, and is much older than 26yrs.


On AW she says she is 35, but on another forum I read a post from a bloke who went to school with her, and he said she was in her early 40's

2 review(s) found for BEAUTYBROOKE linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Lambada

A quick TinEye search on Venice's image brings me to this:


Which is a stock image site. Further digging brings me to a Flickr page, with comments on the image from as far back as 2006. Doing the same thing with Mercedes's picture brings up an article on wives and girlfriends of NFL football players. Alarm bells ringing at full force.
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I have my doubts, according to the website Brooke is available all week, but her AW profile says she is in Guernsey.  With only 5 girls it can't be that hard to keep their location up to date.

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