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Author Topic: Blonde_Beauty_20 (Barbican)  (Read 3743 times)

30 review(s) for INDEPENDET_LENA (24 positive, 2 neutral, 4 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline LL

So today I felt like having a punt.  It's been a while.  Phoned Michelle but she was busy.  Tried Katalina but she wasn't free until later than I wanted to hang around in London for (too bad as I've yet to meet her and she sounded lovely on the phone).  Come 5pm, left work and resorted to my bloated hotlist and proceeded to call girl after girl.  Nobody free to meet me.  Started afresh.  Sod the hotlist.  Searched on AdultWork for a newbie and found one that I liked the look of, and not too far from where I was, in Central London.

https://www.adultwork.com/2229506 or https://www.adultwork.com/Blonde%5FBeauty%5F20

Blonde_Beauty_20, working as "Olivia".  Profile is a day old.  It even has an alert on it, "The authenticity or legitimacy of this member's profile has been brought into question. Please exercise caution.".  I think that AW put such alerts on all new profiles where the girl looks like she's from overseas, until the girl gets verified with them.  So don't let that put you off.  Consider this post verification of her legitimacy.  She is the girl in the pics.  Look carefully though.  On the screen of my iphone, under street-light I might add, I couldn't really see much except youth, long legs and long blonde hair.  And that was enough :).  Looking at her pictures more closely now, it's clear to see that she is very slim - and for this reason she might not be for you.  It was a surprise to me when I got there.  The slimmest girl I have ever been with.

So the review.  I feel like writing a lot of detail.  I'll write a short version for those who don't like to read much, who just want the meat.  Following that I'll expand on my experience.

A genuine newbie, she was shy and nervous.  Slim (size 4-6?), with nice blonde straight hair (dyed), and pretty eyes.  Lightly made-up and cute-looking but not stunning like Michelle (hi!).  Olivia's not in a good set-up.  It's a convenient location but the flat itself is very busy and disorganised - I was shuffled from room to room and had to wait around for one to become free for the booking (even though I arrived on time).  Olivia wasn't a clock-watcher but obviously somebody else there was as I hear a knock on the door, and before the end of my time too.  When we got down to business she soon relaxed and actually got into it, with lots of full-on kissing and a little eye contact but not throughout.  She does OWO if you're up for that.  Sex in different positions.  Pretty good BJ technique, asking how I like it - aiming to please like the best of them.  Provides a girlfriend experience (albeit the experience of a brand-new girlfriend, one who's not really comfortable being naked with you yet.  One you've yet to invite round to your folk's house for Sunday lunch).  Looking at her likes I was expecting a vanilla experience and that's what I got.  £60 for half an hour.  Great value for the location.


After my failed attempts to book someone who has earned credibility amongst forum-goers I deliberately booked a brand new girl whom I had heard nothing about.  I knew I was taking a risk but others here have done the same and apparently it pays off sometimes.  As usual I have mixed opinions about my experience so do not focus on the "positive" rating - read the whole review and consider what's important to you and try to imagine whether you would find it a positive experience were you in my shoes this evening (OK, strictly speaking I wasn't wearing shoes during the crucial part of the evening).

So now I've booked her and I'm racing across town to Barbican, in rush hour.  Don't ask me why but I'm always a little overly-optimistic when answering the question from a WG or maid on the phone, "What time do you want to come?".  And incidentally it was a maid on the phone, or somebody else - not the girl I would meet later since her English was excellent and her phone manner well-practiced, warm and welcoming - "OK darling, I'll see you shortly".  20 minutes to get there from the West End wasn't really enough but I somehow made it, weaving in and out of the queues through the tube network.

I got to Barbican and looked at my punting phone with the address of my booking on it.  Turns out it was only 2 minutes walk away from the station - just like the profile said.  The flat is on the main road.  There are shops and offices around - it's a busy area, not some dimly-lit side-street.  It felt safe.  I called the number I rang before to get the flat number.  Then used the intercom with that number and the entrance door was unlocked for me.  Now I'm taking the stairs up to the fourth floor.  Some might remember I get nervous using lifts in such places.  Imagine meeting somebody in there.  "Hi, are you new in the building?, I've not seen you before".  I get to the door and it's opened by the girl I've booked.  Not really much of a warm welcome - I can tell that she's shy and a little nervous.  She leads me into the flat which has been newly refurbished with cheap dark-wood laminate floors and interior doors to match.  Someone's attempt to try to justify the ridiculous price such a small property would fetch in this part of London.  I'm led into the kitchen-lounge-diner area and Olivia shuts the door behind us.  The sofa is actually one of those sofa-bed things - not comfortable either as a bed or a sofa.  A large round table next to it is littered with the remains of several different people's evening.  Filled ash trays, plates, general junk.  Already I'm feeling a little uneasy as it's a small flat and I get the feeling that there are more people around than I was expecting there to be.  I can hear at least one male voice from an adjacent room as well as female ones.  OK so the sofa-bed doesn't look so bad - it looks fairly clean at least.  Olivia asks how long I want to stay and I hand over £60 to stay for half an hour.  She disappears with the money, comes straight back and shows me to another room across the hall, except we can't go in as there's someone already in there.  Another girl pops into the room I was just in.  I get the feeling we were kicked out as she wants to use it to get back to her smoking in there and whatever else she was doing before I arrived.  Now I'm waiting in the hallway.  I figured out there are two bona-fide bedrooms in addition to the make-shift bedroom that doubled as the kitchen-lounge-diner.

So this is awkward, I'm stood in a hallway waiting for some other guy to finish off his own appointment.  I try to start up a little conversation with my "date".  It's the longest 3 minutes of my entire day.  During this time thoughts are running through my head.  I'm uncomfortable and I want to leave.  The girl has my money.  What's the most polite way that I can her to give it fucking back!?  What would the other male or males in the flat have to say about it if I did ask?  I even contemplated making an excuse to leave without my money, that's how uncomfortable I felt.  But after deciding to stick around, things would get better.  A third girl comes out of the room that we've been waiting for.  She tells me to wait in the bathroom - which I do.  After a couple of minutes I hear some guy shuffle out of a room and then out of the flat - thank fuck for that.  A knock on the door tells me that the coast is clear and I can proceed with proceedings. 

I'm led into a room that looks much better that the original one - it has a proper bed.  Olivia and I start to undress.  I get naked very quickly and she's taken her tight leggings off to revel some cute knickers which she comments on since they have some graphic on the front.  She still has a tight see-through top on with a bra underneath.  She explains to me that she's never done this job before today - certainly not in her homeland of Poland.  So it's her first day on the job and I find out at the end that I was her second ever customer.  It's obvious to me that she's telling the truth and she knows that too, nervously lifting up her top to pull it over her head she entangles it with a dangly earing.  After disentanglement I touch her on the arm and tell her to relax, she'll be fine and that I'm very gentle.  "I hope so" is her reply.  As I pull her towards me she kisses me full on and deep.  Our hands are all over each other and I'm feeling her arse - the one part of her body that actually has some meat on it.  This would be my first time with such a slim girl - a new experience that I was now very excited about.  I ask her to lay down on the bed with me, caress her body, kiss her mouth and her breasts.  I'm stroking her legs which are slender but not so skinny that they have no shape at all.  I'm enjoying her.  She asks me if I want a blow job to which I reply that I want it with a condom (sorry readers).  She's surprised and she says that she's never given a blow job with a condom on before.  She's telling the truth.  Her technique is pretty good and I like that she asks me how I want it as it shows that she cares about pleasing me.  I'm conscious that this is probably a cum-once arrangement (I've come to learn that when paying for half an hour, unless it says otherwise on the profile, it's quite likely that you'll only get one pop) so I interrupt her after only a couple of minutes.  I ask her to lay down and then I kneel between her legs with my cock in hand and close to the entrance of her vagina.  I don't like to do RO with WGs either, but I lifted up her smooth legs so I could rub my cock against her pussy lips to warm it up a little before slipping inside.  I spent maybe 10 minutes with her in this position.  Switching it up a little.  Leaning forward to kiss her (which she responded to deeply like before).  At times I'm on top of her in missionary, my arms underneath her, pulling her close to me so I can feel her nipples and the rest of her body pressed against mine, all the while I'm kissing her and gently fucking her.  The I'm upright again, holding onto her hands, with my forearms pushing her legs up.  Alternating my view between watching my cock slide in and out of her beautiful pussy and looking at her face - one of concentration.  Whilst I build up a little speed she's gently panting, occasionally our eyes meet and she smiles.  Aware that I have the urge to cum I ask to change positions and opt for doggy.  I've planned the appointment in my head and I know exactly what positions I want to do and when.  Sadly I would never get to complete my grand plans of spooning her and the nailing her with her flat on the bed while grabbing her arse, of letting her ride me cowgirl-style until I pop.  For after two minutes of really nice doggy-style, little-LL decides it's time for his finale and I unload in the condom, in her.

At the cleanup, Olivia hands me the wipes to take care of the spent condom myself.  Another sign that she's brand new.  Any experienced WG wouldn't trust a punter to do this himself without spilling jizz on the bed thus leaving a small map of Africa for the next customer to see.  Freshly wiped, I lay back on the bed and Olivia lays next to me.  I realise I'm unlikely to get any more action (almost certainly wouldn't be able to manage it anyway since I'm usually a one-pop customer, even in an hour booking, let alone half).  I'm a little disappointed I didn't last longer but never mind.  I know the chit-chat isn't for everyone but I like it.  She talks very candidly about her private life - gives me her life-story in a nutshell - explains her current situation - why she's doing this, etc.  She reveals a lot to me in just a few minutes.  Maybe it's bullshit but I get the feeling she's telling the truth.  I'm enjoying getting to know her but then there's a knock on the door.  It's a few minutes before 7.  I arrived at 6.30 sharp.  But there was at least 7 minutes of room shuffling and general pissing about at the beginning before I could get started.  So I've not had my full time.  Maybe the knock was a five-minute warning - then it wouldn't be so far off.  It wasn't followed with any hurrying me out of the flat or anything like that.  Although I could just picture in my mind, the next poor sod they have holed up in the toilet, nervously waiting for me to leave (hey, maybe it was one of you guys :)) and with that in mind I made my way out, kissing Olivia on the cheek as I did so.

30 review(s) found for INDEPENDET_LENA linked to in above post (24 positive, 2 neutral, 4 negative)


Thanks for posting - she looks good and sexy and in central London a good price - Do you not consider HOD in Kensington for £70 as an option?

Offline LL

Thanks for posting - she looks good and sexy and in central London a good price - Do you not consider HOD in Kensington for £70 as an option?
That may actually be a good backup plan for the next time I'm desperate for an after-work punt and have exhausted all options on my hotlist.  However, in such situations, the newbies are almost always answering their phones even when nobody else is.  It's as if most people don't trust profiles which are just a day or two old as most of them turn out to be scams.  And there's something about booking a newbie that's exciting to me.  It's risky - you don't know what will happen.  It's all part of the fun.


+1 - sometimes the jouneyis is as good as the punt

Offline LL

+1 - sometimes the jouneyis is as good as the punt
as was the kebab afterwards!

Offline akauya

That may actually be a good backup plan for the next time I'm desperate for an after-work punt and have exhausted all options on my hotlist.  However, in such situations, the newbies are almost always answering their phones even when nobody else is.  It's as if most people don't trust profiles which are just a day or two old as most of them turn out to be scams.  And there's something about booking a newbie that's exciting to me.  It's risky - you don't know what will happen.  It's all part of the fun.

Thanks for the post LL (blimey it was long :))

As for the highlighted bit above... yes I agree with that. As long as you are prepared to walk there's something about the unknown that appeals to my sense of adventure. You might get a complete munter or if you're lucky a real gem. Not something that I would do all the time but now and again to spice things up definitely.

Offline bestbefore

Amazing review - almost a novel!

Dont waste money on her pg - just different shots from the same shoot as her main pics, though you can see she is very slender. No face pics.

Great review! I was reading this on the bus to work this morning (made the journey go quicker!) Glad you had a good punt mate.

Offline LL

Dear Mods,
Please could you change the title to
"Blonde_Olivia (Barbican)" ?
since the name on her profile has been changed today.
If you could also update the second of her adultwork links as follows...

Thank you.

Offline Steve2

Nice one LL

It's great when a new girl comes up trumps

 :hi: :hi: :hi: :hi:

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