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Author Topic: Sexy Bianca4u Worcestershire  (Read 994 times)

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Offline Stew

Arranged a punt the weekend just gone with Bianca and it was a bait and switch so I walked.

The lass who opened the door to the hotel room was pretty, sexy and young but looked nothing like the profile so I politely explained that I wasn't going ahead, said goodbye and walked. Thankfully the hotel is only 10 miles up the road so it only cost me a few quid in petrol and some wasted time.

I went for the punt mainly because the solitary pic showed a very tasty pair of boobs which would have done me fine, and I thought if it turns out to be B&S I'll just walk.

https://www.adultwork.com/1884257 or https://www.adultwork.com/Sexy+Bianca4u

Trying to find a decent pair of boobs round here is a pain. 

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Offline bod666

I had a bait and switch punt at the holiday inn droitwich in the summer. The alarm bells were ringing when it was an english woman who answered the phone. I reckon she manages a stable of ee wgs that that get ferried between hotels. Like the horny idiot i am i went ahead with it even though the girl looked nothing like the pics on aw.  During the after shag chat i found out that the girl wasn't even keeping all the money.  Not on at all.
If your punt was arranged by an english woman on the phone then i expect its the same dodgy set up.  Never again for me. Kudos to you for walking!

Not sure if she's still working in bromsgrove but Golden Curves is WELL worth seeing :) v hot english girl.

better luck next time mate

Offline Stew

Aye that's the place, and I did speak with an English lass on the phone. There are a few similar looking profiles in this and neighbouring counties that seem to be on a permanent tour.

This is one reason why I prefer hotels. In my mind it makes it easier to walk, so as soon as I confirmed she worked from there I went for it. Conveniently the room was right next to a stairwell which made my "escape" easy.  :D

Golden curves looks hot so I may give her a bell.

Cheers  :thumbsup:

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