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Author Topic: Hot Amanda Brazil  (Read 5555 times)

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Offline auldie63

Been to see
                   Hot Amanda Brazil
                   https://www.adultwork.com/2001503 or https://www.adultwork.com/hot%5Famanda%5Fbrazil
                   What a girl! She was here a couple of years ago and I saw her then but she left before I could repeat the process. Body to kill for and boy does she enjoy what she does. And reasonable prices which get you OWO that will clean the wax out of your ears and everything else just gets better. Apart from that she is a thoroughly pleasant person that you can have a conversation with, how often can you say that?
                    At my age I will have to limit my visits as my heart might not take too much of this.

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Offline cookie

auldie63, could you provide more info? does she provide a massage only service, as her adultwork profile seems to point towards that, no mention of OWO as well. thanks!

Offline auldie63

Hi cookie      Her profile may give that impression but I don't think she knows too much about massage, on the other hand she does know the way around the bits that matter OWO, CIM the full monty in spades.

Offline auldie63

 :cool: :cool:  FYI Guys just realised she has changed her page to

       https://www.adultwork.com/2249445 or https://www.adultwork.com/HOT%5FBRUNETTE%5FUK

         apparently was having probs with people looking for girl who had previously had same moniker.

   Saw her again last night and let's just say this is one for whom the job is something she would be doing anyway, why did I not meet one like this 40yrs ago. I would have died at 30 with a smile on my face. I only hope that it is not just my suave nature that turns her on, but it may be. In that case I apologise to you all as she may not jump on you like a hungry tiger after a lamb and fuck your brains out!!!   This girl is an oasis in the desert that is Glasgow punting and I cannot recommend her enough. All that is on her likes is performed with gusto and a lot that is not there too. She also does not think that her pussy is gold lined as her prices prove.

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Val Doonican

Hi Auldie I can confirm this lady has a super body and does more than a massage. I saw 'Maria' quite a few times around 6 a few years back when she was based in a flat on Paisley Road West between Saab dealership and old COOP building. I visited for massage she used ad via gumtree and as you say she was happy to do OWO and CIM without my asking just from the reaction she caused on the old fella. Her massage skills were reasonable not a professional but better than a WG pretending to try to a do massage however by 3rd visit she then suggested midway through massage I could fuck her across massage table afterwards then dropping to her knees pulling condom off to let me spill into her willing mouth that's why I went back a few more times - just like a porn scene. That was nearly 3 yrs ago and seems from AW she's now in more city centre location near Central Station. On the flip side I never liked the place I went too as door enrty system was a little complicated with a security code she gave you on floor landing once you got out of lift. My last visit problem with door lock and called her and a rather gruff & rough looking guy came to open landing connection door for me as code wasn't working and led me to flat door where he went into another room. Needless to say I was a little unnerved as hadn't realised someone (her pimp or boyfriend) had possibly been there on my prior visits so just I decided not to go back again and try fresh fields. I must say she was always very friendly offering shower before and after. Anyone considering massage with extras should think about her be nice and she may be especially nice back to you too. Sorry if long post just in from dinner tonight and can't seem to drop off to sleep. 

Yes I agree with these comments and really enjoyed my time with Maria....for me being comfortable is one of the most important things and Maria really does put you at ease with a sensual touch, a sexy body and sexy accent and great conversation.

It's been a while for me since I saw her so I will definitely be getting back in touch and look forward to seeing her new flat, and yes hopefully it's less complicated to get in.

Val Doonican

Thanks Tazman for confirming similar access issues with my experience with Maria - did you go visit her again?
I've sent you a PM for any detail if she now has a better location to greet visitor clients.

Hey....same great girl with great service but its the same flat...on the plus side it has been decorated since I was last there....still highly recommended and real value for money....

Does she offer sex (on a first meet) or only oral?

Can I discuss sex on the phone with her?

Mmm I'm not sure I've been seeing her for quite a while so it's part of the service she offers, i sure she would let you know if you get her on the phone.

Offline jg048012

thanks for all the info - she sounds like she's definitely worth a visit or threee :)

has anyone had any experience of her using toys or strapon - I see she lists these as likes but wondered if she actually used them?

Also roleplay or uniforms, does she always just wear the white tunic or does she cater for anything more fantasy wise?


Offline jg048012

a couple of other things too if you can indulge me...:)

...does her CIM include swallow?


does she rim or just receive?

Thanks again :)

Offline Mariaglasgow

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Hi boys,thank you to write about me, and I just want to say is I don't have a pimp I work for my self and the man who opened the corridor door was my friend  :thumbsup:

Hi Maria,

As your profile is a bit sparse, what services do you provide especially with regards to jg048012's question?


Offline jg048012

Yup indeed. I for one haven't visited but would consider with a bit more certainty on the services offered. It seems that some might get more services than others, yet none of them advertised...I know this is the way of the world however :)

Maria good to hear from you on here...... Guys this is one great girl who I would highly recommend ..... You will not be disappointed...... But I guarantee you will be hooked  :kiss: :rose:

Offline RandyF

She looks like a bloke & apparently gives oral & strapon-anal services for free?

Enjoy guys!  :coolgirl:
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Banning reason: Troll

Offline jg048012

So you don't like your meat and two veg then  :D

Who would you recommend?

Randy don't worry she doesn't force these other services on you :diablo: lol...... In terms of looks I would rate her about 6/10 but she goes get a 9/10 for her body.... And at £50 per half hour she is a steal.....

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