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Author Topic: elizabeth jones  (Read 2895 times)

Offline pamplona

Hello gents,
Has anyone seen the above lady?
She has sent me a face pic and has good feedback but I was wondering if anyone on this site had met her. Thanks.

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Offline pamplona

Not usually my type either, but theres just something about her! I know youve seen quite a few girls in Birmingham, care to recommend any. Im after a gfe, lots of dfk, fingering and owo. Thanks .

Offline Hyborean

Well, I think as has been mentioned on here quite a few times, you can't beat Jen for a VFM GFE in Brum. There just isn't anyone else who is better ATM IMO.

The only hassle can be actually getting a punt to go through- she's not always that reliable. Having said that, she does appear to be improving.

Offline pamplona

Was also thinking about passionate blonde, but shes not the most reliable either. I also noted birmingham mata aka cherry,lovely looking thai lady.

Offline blue80

hi guys - long time looker first time poster ....

felt I needed to add my comments to Elizabeth, spent a fantastic hour in her company last year.

she has a great body and an even better tounge

Offline aardvark

Elizabeth has responded to RBs of mine on two occasions - for considerably less than £160. Try it to see if you hook her at a better rate than her advertised one.
« Last Edit: December 04, 2013, 12:04:17 AM by aardvark »

Hi Elizabeth just bid on a rb of mine. I'm keen but not a lot of Info about her, aardvark care to share some details?

Offline aardvark

I would, but I didn't see her. Sorry.

Offline Kuni

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