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Author Topic: Mysterious Vicky  (Read 4726 times)

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This was my second visit to her so I decided to follow up with a review.

Her place: Immaculate flat in W2, 5 minutes walk from tube station, her flat is aptly decorated with the same masquerade theme as her site, nice touch.

Vicky: drop dead gorgeous, petite, perfect body, piercing green eyes. She greeted me in high heels and stockings setting my heart racing.

Experience:  First of all, I was very impressed with the attention to detail in her set up. The flat was tastefully decorated and immaculate. In her shower there was a collection of Molton Brown shower gels rather than Radox bottles from Asda which I’d expect to see in encounters such as this. Even the water I was offered was from an ice-cold bottle of S. Pellegrino. Nice!
We started with an assisted shower, she put her hair in a bun and in she went with me. A bit cramped, but so much fun. The massage itself was very very sensual and erotic. She started with my back, thighs and legs, lots of attention to my butt and inner thighs, with lashes of warm oil. At some point I felt her body sliding over me, I could smell her sexy perfume as her head was getting closer to mine. After about 30min I was asked to turn over for the second part which was just… mind blowing! Not only is she such a gorgeously sexy girl doing all the right things to/on me, but she was also very attentive with a genuine desire to please. Maybe we just clicked but her positive attitude really was the cherry on top of a very sweet indulgent cake. Would definitely see her for a 3rd time.


Lots of different prices -which did you have? and does she have sex (protected) or is it just HR only. she says extra £10 for oral and £10 with mutal oral - is that not included in the hour session?  She does look very HOT.

Offline nick2013

On AW I found: https://www.adultwork.com/1743001 or https://www.adultwork.com/Nuru%5Fby%5FZARA.

I was wondering if it is the same person.

Price structure and location are the same. Pictures look similar as well. But phone numbers are different and I don't find similarities (copy and paste) in the description.

Just curious if it is the same person.  ;)

Offline iName

Why are her pictures of Polish model Justyna Gradek?

Offline baltar

Man why would you not go for the extra £10?

I didn't really think the pics were not hers but if they are not real then she could have passed as the girl in the pics. Come to think of it she could have been a bit shorter, but nevertheless a very pretty girl IMO

Lots of different prices -which did you have? and does she have sex (protected) or is it just HR only. she says extra £10 for oral and £10 with mutal oral - is that not included in the hour session?  She does look very HOT.

I went for the HR only (personal choice). She is indeed offering oral for extra £10, no FS though.

Online Jimmyredcab

Her web-site mentions "donations" ------------------- does that mean paying is not compulsory.    :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

Offline webpunter

Off the back of jack_potts report 01.11.13 & + a reasonable amount of feedback on the 'other' site i decided to pay a visit [+ the fact that MV has made the effort to have her own website]
Reckon the comments about the photos are about right
Nevertheless IMO a very attractive & sexy woman
The nuru B2B massage & HJ was amazing & well worth going for 90 mins rather than 60
Pukka location & a nice environment - like a studio, so no wondering who's lurking in the other room maybe ?
MV makes you feel really at ease & this leads in for a great time
As well as being very talented, she's nice with it too
The photos aren't that far out [if they were 100% then me thinks the pricing would be much much higher]
I'll deffo have to re-visit
Had MV not been away over xmas [looking at profile on the 'other'..] then would probably have completed the mission
On my 2014 'to do' list

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