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Author Topic: If you gave up.  (Read 454 times)

As I said on the "Giving up Punting" thread, I hardly consider myself a punter any more because although I see WGs regularly, I now effectively only see the same three with different degrees of regularity and I guess I've probably had about 15 - 20 appointments so far this year.

Similarly, I'm sure there are many on here who, for whatever reason, haven't punted that often, but still count themselves as punters.

What I wondered was, if you were to give up punting altogether, would you stop visiting this Forum?  Even though it wouldn't be relevant to me any more if I gave up altogether, I don't think I could stop visiting here; I find it as addictive as punting itself was when I first started.

Offline Tailpipe

There have been many members it seems who stop punting and therefore stop coming to the forum.

Think that if you continue to post on the forum you are more likely to punt again or punt more as new Girls take you fancy.

However if you have been a punter at some point then posting on the forum should not be a issue as you have
experience to draw from which could help others.

Offline CBPaul

I'd probably still visit but not quite as often. I did stop punting about 10 years ago, just for a couple of years but still visited a couple of forums from time to time.

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