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Author Topic: Help me find...  (Read 707 times)

Hi everyone... brand new to this, looking for some good recommendations.  The best of the best at the min, and bi-sexual if known. links would be awesome - cheers!

Try the 'Reports' page first - you may find what you are looking for :rolleyes:

Offline Barry Shipton

Absolutely, as Blue says check the reviews first.

Here's a couple of threads from people like you asking similar advice, good starting point in your research.



nice one - I'll have a look through... as anyone used an escort with their partner? if so, anyone that would be a good option?  location\cost not too much of a problem for a one-off so £150 an hour is ok if its worth it

Offline superted12

Easy one mate, DON'T BLOODY DO IT!!! If you're anything like me you'll get addicted and over the years you'll end up spending a fortune

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