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Author Topic: Emily - Hot-Collection  (Read 3112 times)

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Offline lerotic

Sorry for my dismissive demeanour in this post but this isn't so much of "bate & switch" but "ate & switch".

I've got a thing for boobs, i just like them large on a small frame. This is why http://www.hot-collection.co.uk/escort/emily looked top of that list.

I know the photos are touched up, but given a little bit of artistic license i figured i was still good..

On opening the door the girl is now very large. It's 100% the same girl but she is never a size 10 maybe going on 18 to 20 and if she's 27 she's got to be 35..

Reading the reviews some people comment on a few pounds, and personally i don't mind a size 16 girl if height to weight ratio is correct but at 5'5 and size 18/20 she's now a very very big girl. I must have missed reviews on here or my search skills are weak.

I didn't quite know how to leave, it's not something i've done before so when she turned round to walk into the flat i made a "dash" out of the building.

Now i've got that post non sex grrrrr going on so i'm going to have a read of the "recommended" ladies for a while..

Offline vt

Cheers for the warning about the dishonest profile!   :thumbsup:

Sounds like one for BBW MILF lovers only!!  :wacko:

Offline Urban_G

I saw this girl a good few years ago. She was curvy back then, probably a 10/12, but it sounds like she has ballooned since then. I also left a review, but it has since been removed, probably due to its less favourable content, I didn't think she was as good as the previous reviewers. Needless to say I never returned.

Thanks for honest feedback,  she  was on my list. Not any more tho and and well done for leaving :-)

Offline barry

I have used both independents and agencies. The indies mostly from Adultwork, they can be hit or miss but websites like this and reviews help to make decisions easier.

Over the years I have used lots of agencies and they do differ quite considerably. But they are worth checking out. I find just ringing them and asking a few questions you can suss out who is helpful and who just wants to take a booking.

My favourite agency of the moment, because they are helpful, give me great recommendations and are English is Dior Escorts.

I recently saw Kiki, and she is gorgeous:


But, at the end of the day, you should do what you are comfortable with and I wish you all the best!

Offline adultwork9000

you might have thought twice before throwing money away, if you visited my post about amy.  i wont use the agency again


Offline adultwork9000

i think after my report. the agency changed her picture and also the link


ha ha ha
  this is the new link above

Offline barry

I've just realised I posted on the wrong thread!

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