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Author Topic: One for HP  (Read 572 times)

Offline James999

Her arse looks like it's had a slap, but it's dificult to tell what with all the stretch marks, spots and celulite  :vomit:


Offline Jimmyredcab

The last time I saw an arse that big was in the London Zoo.    :vomit:

it would require a large watermelon up her arse, to take up the slack :)

Offline DannyJames


You are one sick bugger  :P

People blame fast food for people being fat - I blame the blokes who shag fatties and give them kudos.  :hi:

Offline mh

People blame fast food for people being fat

Fast food needs to get a lot faster so that the porkers can't catch it.

Offline DaveMugabe

Err I think you guys got it wrong.  This is a picture from the film Free Willy.  Look at the stretched out picture.  It definitely is Orca

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