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Author Topic: melissa's in kingswood  (Read 11343 times)

Offline ratty

Many thanks for the information.

Offline Johny Stone

You should use the PM for addresses. Not put them on a public forum.

I've seen the following there:-

Poppy- skinny, very sexy blonde, 20s. Gives very good OW. Had a good duo where she gave me OW and then I fucked Steph. £45
Saw her on her own and she was really good. She looked awesome doing reverse cowgirl.

Steph- sexy, shapely body, dark hair, talks a lot of bollocks. Was friendly the first time I saw her (£45 duo with Poppy) but a bit off the last. Very good hand relief.

Eva- black girl, older looking, sexy, skinny body, did anal for an extra £20 or £30 can't remember. 40s

Porsche- size 16 big girl. Not attractive to me as I don't normally do the bigger ones but I heard she gave excellent oral, which she did. Really was into the fucking too.

Yasmin-  very skinny body but she must be in her mid 40s at the earliest. She's very sexy though.
had a duo with Eva where Eva sucked me off (OW) and then Yasmin fucked me cowgirl. £45
Saw Yasmin recently and she fucked me (cowgirl again). She did OWO and let me come on her tits for an extra £15 (+£30 fee).

They want you in and out sharpish but there'll all ok. It's not the tidiest but who would expect that.
If you're after a very cheap, rough massage experience than all is well. If you expect Sandy's Superstars, then prepare to be very disappointed.

Still not sure about seing Steph again but she did look very curvy and her body looked better than before the last time I saw her in their sitting area.
Maybe I caught her on a bad day before  :unknown:

Offline dopple

What does it look like?
Did a google maps search of the property cos i dont frequent kingswood that much and all i get is a polish supermarket, an estate agents and a computer store?

Offline wobbler

Dopple if you stand directly in front of the Polish shop looking across the road and its down the lane opposite and the white door on the right

Offline trunkz

Do you need to call in advance or just turn up?

those prices, are for how long? Also what are their opening hours?

those prices, are for how long? Also what are their opening hours?
The first of your two questions is one that seems a bit unreasonable to expect anybody on this forum to be able to give an authoritative answer. The short answer is "until they put them up". The answer to the second can be easily obtained by telephoning the place

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