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Author Topic: Mikiluska  (Read 1348 times)

Can't see any comments on here about Mikiluska, anyone met her? I would be comings over the bridge and have to book hotel so want to make sure she is genuine as AW profile looks great


Offline Daffodil

She is a fucking disgrace. She tried to out a punter by revealing his address.

Avoid at all costs!!

I wish I had seen this earlier I spent sometime with this girl recently and the service was one of the worse I've ever had, a complete waste of money but you live and you learn, I got nothing good to say about this girl AVOID!!!! :thumbsdown: :dash:

Offline Bs2guy

I got a bj from this girl in my car- her pimp took my money but they arrived within the hour. Admittedly she spoke no English and spat my jizz out but she was good looking.


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