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Author Topic: Anyone know Teen Layla?  (Read 930 times)

Offline james_irish

Hi guys,

Wqas just wondering if anyone knows teen Layla. She was on AW freecam tonight. Seems a lovely girl and looks fantastic. She is advertised as escorting but I wonder if it's predominately webcam work she does as she hasn't any recent escorting reviews.

Offline NightKid

sorry..... where's my brain gone this evening


She does have escorting feedback, but the last one was 9th August 2012. Also, I don't believe she's as "Teen" as she's supposed to be.
Lastly, she's from Sheffield, you might have better luck asking in the relevant board.

Edit: That being said, I've done the search on her profile number AND name. No hits.
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Offline james_irish

ah cheers. she musta moved as she was in london a few months ago.

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