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Author Topic: Alicia Gold - Now on Tour in Heathrow  (Read 4828 times)

Offline bm_99

Hey all, was just going through AW and increase my budget a bit and came across this beauty

All good reviews really, but havent seen her mentioned here



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Offline rogerc23

Im curious whether anyone on here has evee seen this girl?

Giving this another bump? Anyone had the pleasure?

Offline rogerc23

Over 200 positive feedbacks on aw but nothing on here,not normal surely?

What is the perceived ukpunting wisdom in cases like this?toftt or move on?

Offline Ceverett

I have met her twice when she is in tour in Oxford, excellent both times, great kisser and great blowjob, gives rimming aswell. Would definitely recommend.

Offline rogerc23

Cool cheers is she actually a 12 or bigger and is she pretty facially?
The service sounds amazing but i was just put off a little by her twitter feed which seems to have just the same half a dozen dimly lit photos posted over and over!

Offline Ceverett

Hard one to call, I didn't find her particularly pretty I guess she is just normal looking, probably say a little bigger than a 12 as well though it was back in January since I saw her last, not the best looking punt I have had but the best service.

Offline rogerc23

Thats kind of what i thought,the classic looks versus service trade off!I think i will give her try,sounds like it will be an experience!

Offline LNDNman

As mentioned, her services excellent.

There aren't many decent punts in the Heathrow area that I've noticed when staying in the area between flights or for business.

I came across her last year and whilst maybe not the prettiest, I think she certainly has an attraction, she's also quite a smart girl with a nice accent and definitely knows how to use what she's got. I enjoyed her so much I've seen her twice and would have again but timings just didn't work out.

I'd say size 12 is a tad optimistic when I saw her but she could be a bit lighter now, it didn't really do anything to detract from the experience.

If anyone has any other good recommendations for the Heathrow area, do let me know! Thanks!!

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