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Author Topic: Elite Retreat  (Read 604 times)

So this past weekend I was out in Bristol centre and lady luck did not shine down on me.  So towards the end of the night I gave a couple of indies a ring not expecting anything and was turned down by all.  Understandable.  So what's a lad to do?  Head to a parlour, that's what.  As it was a weekend night everywhre in the centre was very busy and seeing as it's (nearly) on my way home, I decided to pop into Elite Retreat.  Been there a few times in the past, had some great and some average experiences, but needs must and all that.
Anyway, whilst it may look the same from the outside, it is most definitely VERY different on the inside.  The door man was very welcoming, very friendly indeed, and it was only then that I noticed the Rainbow on the door.  It's no longer a parlour but a "Members only sauna" so I made my excuses and left.  Been chuckling about it ever since.

Anyway, thought I'd let you guys know.


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