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Author Topic: Luxury apartment or skanky flat?!  (Read 1494 times)

Offline MikeBWales

I'm on a prossie rant again

I've had various incalls from AW prossies who state that I will be entertained in the lap of luxury in an exclusive apartment.  I'm not sure about you guys but I think of somewhere over looking a harbour somewhere or a metropolitan city scape in a modern, well maintained abode. 

Why is it, I always end up in some shit hole where the carpets haven't seen a vacuum cleaner for weeks, paint peeling off the walls and in a general state of disrepair.  Do they think this is luxury?

Prossies are really annoying me this week! :dash:

I have noticed that some are not exactly house proud

Offline Daffodil

Luxury to a prossie is rarely luxury to the rest of us.

The mere presence of a carpet is extravagant to many  :cool:

Offline LL

Don't be fooled by the postcode or even the street.  For example when I saw a WG was advertising working on Sloane Avenue, London this used to conjure up images in my mind, of penthouse apartments amongst the fancy shops on the same street - Gucci, etc.  The reality is that Sloane Avenue for a WG is Cloisters - a towering shit-hole of filthy apartments. :scare: Looks OK from the outside and a fucking cesspit inside.  Full of prossies it is.  The one time I went there was for an massage (Asian Pink Massage was the name of the outfit).  As I lay face-down on the bed there was a cleanish towel underneath me but my head was pressed into filthy pillows that stank of sweat.  :vomit: Didn't really bother about it too much as the massage was good (and the happy ending :)).  However, the next day I had huge boils all over my face.  Since this has never happened to me before I can only conclude that it was caused by the disgusting pillow impregnated with the festering bacteria of dozens of sweaty people.  I had to wear that look for a couple of weeks before my face finally cleared up.

They often say luxury apartment and it's almost always a shit-hole.  One time I actually did see a WG in a luxury apartment.  It was in Chelsea and like a 5-star hotel room suite (not that I've stayed in one but how I would expect one to look based on what I've seen in movies!)

Offline wristjob

Such funny timing on this. I was driving through a grotty part of Yarksha today and saw a "luxury apartment" for sale. My intial thought was yeah right, but then I realised you can get loads of "luxury" food from Tescos, or Aldi even. It's a pretty abused word nowadays.

In terms of prossies if she's talking up her shite hole as "luxury" then she probably isn't "high class" and maybe some of the other details are lies too.

Offline Joe Blob

It's just marketing hype, same as 'my pussy's dripping wet waiting for you.'  Take it woth a pinch of salt and don't get worked up about it.

Offline CoolTiger

It's just marketing hype, same as 'my pussy's dripping wet waiting for you.'  Take it woth a pinch of salt and don't get worked up about it.

That has got to sting!! :lol: Worse still, Tabasco!!

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