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Author Topic: Sexy Carmen  (Read 3121 times)

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Offline bm_99

Ok people, a little late but been a bit busy with work but better late than never.

https://www.adultwork.com/1827866  https://www.adultwork.com/Sexy+++Carmen

Sorry for the long post but my 1st review

Went to see Carmen last weeks (weds) i believe. Was feeling very horny for a few days and actually tried to book her the Friday before but times didn’t match up. So come tues/ weds it was all hands on deck to find a good looking girl that ticked most of the boxes (i think ticking all is impossible when on a budget).

It was really between Carmen, sexy leah, Vicky_fun & jenny 25 in that order but Carmen came out on top really because of how she sounded on the phone and our times matched better. Saying that when i got outside the hotel in hayes and waiting for Carmen to call or text back i rang leah just in case this was a no go and she sounded sexy over the phone and ready for it (bit of dirty talk is always good).

So anyway after talking to her night before and few hours before we confirmed the time and i made my way down. After ringing her when i was outside she said few mins just getting ready (i did come 15 mins early after saying i would be 15 mins late lol so my fault really) so after talking to leah she rang straight away and told me exactly where to go and room number. Its the only hotel in that area in hayes and after walking promptly past reception i obviously took the first right to go into the restaurant area rather than the 2nd right for the lifts (doh). TBH even the asian reception looked hot lol. Lots of free parking in the area and as i knew the area it made it a little hot for me but i knew exactly where to park to not be seen lol.

Got outside the room and heard laughter from the tv quietly she opened the door and popped the  sign on the door. Soon as i saw her i realised her profile should be update she looks much better than her pics and actually more like pic 2, no idea why or when she took pic 1. She was wearing a tight 1 piece dress (a bit odd as i asked for secretary with a skirt and no underwear – she got the no underwear part right really)

Talked for a few mins and wasn’t really sure about how long so said see how it goes really. Wasnt really sure about Absolutly fabulous on it the background but oh well.

As i had already had a shower we just got started with a lot and lot of dfk, tongues everywhere really then her sucking on my nipples (she really does this a lot, and some was a bit hard lol). Fingers went in her and after lifting her dress up a bit i obliged her with a few mins or licking.  Was fresh so cant complain really not wet straight away though. Trouser off and boxers lowered but not completly off and owo started her technique is good not much hand action after about 3-4 mins i popped right in her mouth she just swallowed most of it but than spit a bit out on a wet tissue and went in the bathroom.

After wiping myself we jus layed down talking about anything and everywhere really. Her English is good and she does like this area and is looking into renting a flat soon but expenses are a bit to high atm. While talking she was just caressing the whole of my body, i really should have asked for a massage really.

She started more dfk but tbh i just wanted to go down on her to dress off, stockings left on and 69 started, condom on and missionary but for some reason the soldier wasn’t ready so a lot of owo and handjobs and little more talking did the trick. Missionary, doggy cowgirl and i finished int he condom inside her and job done.

In the end i couldn’t do anymore and just staryed for 30mins, 1 hour is better value at only £20 more but maybe next time. After she cleaned her self straight on the phone (only part that was slightly negative) had a shower and THEN paid her (which i liked)

In the end i must have stayed roughly 40-45 mins i think

Well worth it for this girl and hopefully a lot more to come with her and new ideas are already forming in my head

As per her profile she has no moved to the harrow area DAMNNN, but still def worth seeing i think

8 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (6 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline Luke

after reading good reports on her I tried to call her but she doesnt answer the phone, looks she is very busy thanks to the reports from here :)

Closest tube station and distance from that station ?

You say you saw her on Hayes and her profile says Harrow on the Hill, so a bit confused.

Offline bm_99

after reading good reports on her I tried to call her but she doesnt answer the phone, looks she is very busy thanks to the reports from here :)

lol ive been trying aswell mate just to see whens shes coming back to hayes area but no answer either

What does UKE mean? UKE is short for www.UKEscorting.com

Offline bm_99

Closest tube station and distance from that station ?

You say you saw her on Hayes and her profile says Harrow on the Hill, so a bit confused.

I added another bit at the bottom mate, shes moved to harrow for a few weeks

But when i was in hayes i drove so no idea nearest station there

Offline bm_99

people any idea if shes still around?

Offline The_Don

people any idea if shes still around?


Note the screen shot of her old profile stating, in November 2015. She would leave the UK, (Some things you have to take with a pinch of salt).

https://www.adultwork.com/2651111 or https://www.adultwork.com/%5F%5FSEXY%5FCARMEN%5F+%5F

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