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Author Topic: Why do you punt?  (Read 3588 times)

I think I even bashed a few out at work ......

Standard procedure, surely? Having a wank at work is just part of my normal routine, like making a brew.... best thing is, it's on someone else's time!  :yahoo:


Offline itk

I punt because I can. Part is the chase and unloading your balls.

When I started 30 years ago so I've seen things change but the hunt is still a big part of the fun. Used to be driving around getting the one that was looking the sexiest now the Internet takes over.

Also it's a strange principle that you give a girl money and she sucks you off. I know if a 75 year woman wanted me to go down on her for 100 to 150 I'd pass.

Exactly the same for me. Began 20 years ago and also enjoyed picking the best looking WG from those on the streets, then shagging them for a reasonably cheap price.
Now I do as it's a way a shagging a fit bird who is 20 years younger than me. (Not that I've many this past year, been a very poor year thus far)

Offline itk

My best punting days were on the streets, no doubt in my mind ---------- the Internet has it's good points but it can't replace seeing the girl in the flesh and choosing.

Couldn't agree more, loved the chase as it were. Driving around whittling down the best girls, then deciding which one to go with. Back then it really was like that in Norwich, each night it would 5 or 6 girls that I regarded as worth it, and you also had the advantage of seeing what they looked like before knocking on the door as we do nowadays.

Offline Sparquin

It is also about being able to fuck different nationalities and ethnicities. Would never have had a chance with any but Brit girls in my youth but now I can access a veritable United Nations should the mood take me. And the wallet permit.

Offline pokenn

I never did the street scene and I don't think it would have suited me. All that hanging about in the dark in the worst parts on town with pimps just around the corner. On the occasions I saw girls out on the street they generally looked like desperate skanks.

As to why I punt. To me it's just an enjoyable hobby. I only do about once every month or two and it's just a fun thing to do.

Because my missus isn't interested in sex, sleeping in the other bedroom and we have become like brother and sister. After abstaining for over ten years I found this website and started punting, still a novice but I am trying to catch up, funds permitting!

For me: VARIETY, in whatever form that takes. Including TS very occasionally... imagine trying to scratch THAT particular itch without punting. 

Every day in London, on the tube I see women so beautiful I could almost cry.  Particularly in the summer months when women are wearing fewer clothes, I get the urge to punt a lot! :thumbsup:  :D

Actually this is a key reason too (I don't live in London any more, but the principle applies). I've lost count of the number of times I've seen an insanely hot girl in the street, and that's got my spidey senses tingling.... 45 mins later - bingo. Balls-deep in a hot size 6 EE. 

Offline Ali Katt

For me: VARIETY, in whatever form that takes. Including TS very occasionally... imagine trying to scratch THAT particular itch without punting.
Depends what circles you move in I guess. But for most men unless they are on the gay or TV scene, virtually impossible. TS don't seem that visible in public, which is a shame as most look better than the fat munters I see daily.

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