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Author Topic: Escort Tania (Leeds) - mostly positive  (Read 5091 times)

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Offline bod666

https://www.adultwork.com/1885104 or https://www.adultwork.com/Escort%2ETania

I had wanted to go see Chantelle but she wasn't answering her phone so tried Tania (who also didn't answer her phone).  Tania did however respond to a text message so set up the meet via SMS.

Apartment is fairly easy to find (once you navigate Leeds city centre road network) and is secure, safe and discreet.   The apartment itself what I saw of it is very nice, clean and tidy.  Tania's bedroom is nice and welcoming.  She did complain about how thin the walls and ceilings are in the apartment so she had music playing on a laptop - it didn't bother me.

Tania greeted me wearing a leather or rubber type top - v sexy, she looks like the pictures and is maybe 5ft6 (might be shorter?) really nice figure, pretty face, amazing breasts.  Her english is great - she's been living in Leeds for a year or so, really friendly and nice girl to talk to.  I paid for 30 mins and she got me very hard very quickly by getting undressed and some touching and play. She put the mac on and offered covered oral - she's big into protecting her own health which i can't complain about.  I declined the BJ because I wanted to shag her - had sex in a couple of different positions and it was v pleasant.  She used lube to get herself ready, no kissing and I came inside her.  All in all very vanilla but not quite the GFE I was hoping for.

However did have a really nice chat with her afterwards and feel that she might warm up a bit after another visit and I might get more of the GFE experience I wanted.  As her 1hr rate is eminently reasonable I think I'll try that next time and see how different the experience is.  Although I'll probably try a few other Leeds girls first...

5 review(s) found for SeductiveDiane-UK linked to in above post (4 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

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