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Author Topic: Anyone know which day of the week WG's are generally least busy / busiest?  (Read 1703 times)

Was thinking about doing a RB so was wondering if anyone had any idea when WG's are least busy so I would stand a better chance of some decent bids? Would it be a Sunday because married punters are with their wives and kids? Busiest Monday because they had it up to here with the wife?

Also slightly related is there a time in the month thats best .. like the last week of the month before people get paid?



Offline Dani

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Its different for everyone.  I find Wednesdays the quietest.  Weekends are always busy but I know people who find Weds really busy and weekends dead.  It also makes no difference on which time of the month you try to book apart from maybe school holidays which are normally quieter but then a lot of prossies wont be working as they have young kids

A decent prossie will also be busy most days so it wont make any difference. 

Offline skittish

I've often found it difficult to get a punt some weekends, I suppose it depends where you are but it's slim pickings in my area at the best of times and generally worse on the weekend.

Offline potato

Lot's don't work sundays as they see it as a family day - which is why sundays can be a good day for the single independent ones without kids...  A few days before a pay day used to be good but i think pay day loans may have wrecked that.  If you can be flexible, it might be worth stating in the RB that your preferred day is "x" but you may be willing to move it for the right bid? On Sundays, you may also attract some of the part time girls that have regular jobs in the week - bonus!
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Offline Strawberry

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It varies week to week and month to month, very difficult to say. Even school holidays can be hit or miss because holidays, school, childcare arrangements have different results for different people. Many punters have grown up children or just carry on with usual jobs.

Regards weekends I don't see it as any special day apart from it sometimes being a day on which events linked to my other interests happen to be held. I quite like it as a work day - I've had jobs which required working weekends right from my first part-time around school-times job. I have noticed some Sundays can be fab, others completely dead or full of people phoning part-way through a bender or come-down.

I stopped trying to predict busy/quite days long ago and mostly offer the hours/days/times/months that work for me with the odd wild card thrown in for one or two reliable, long-term regulars. If anything a day that was repeatedly quiet would flag it up to me as potential for it to become the day I take off.

I've always found over thinking and trying to manipulate things to persuade work to happen at a certain time generally only leads to a lot of unnecessary brain work. For this reason I'd say you decide on your own parameters based on what suits you, and make your own choice from the offers you received.
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Offline hollysbeenabadgirl

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Tuesday and Thursday evening from 20:00 here. Sundays are highly requested.

Offline James999

Was thinking about doing a RB

Just put on the booking "Flexible on the date"  :hi:

Thank you all for the reply's. I did notice the following which was a study in chicago http://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=861&dat=20080127&id=tpQ_AAAAIBAJ&sjid=AVYMAAAAIBAJ&pg=3036,622231. But I guess that doesn't directly translate into the UK.

I guess I am overthinking this a little bit, trying to get the most bang for my buck as they say. I will do a RB and as suggested make it clear I am flexible on the date/time.

Thanks again


Offline Kriss

My personal experience indicates Sundays, and that goes for indies as well as parlours.  :hi:

Offline Daffodil

I have never found a prossie to be particularly busy. It is rare that when I enquire about a specific date and time, even at short notice, they are not available.

I do tend to punt weekday daytime and, from what others have said, this does seem to be a quiet time for them.

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