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Author Topic: lincolnangel of well... Lincoln  (Read 839 times)

Offline Jackjones

https://www.adultwork.com/1852065 or https://www.adultwork.com/lincolnangel

Been looking over this profile for a while and still can't make my mind up about it. At first i just waited to see if any feedback would come but after 3 months still nothing so am asking here if anyone has seen her? I've also goggled the phone number/e-mail addy and nothing of use came up.

Profile also seems a little off as she is slightly under what most girls her age looks would try and charge for Lincoln and her likes list is just well, baffling to say the lest!

Offline CoolTiger

Can't recall seeing this profile before, but has been there since Jan-13.

I rang the number and it sounded like a typical thai (?) establishment. It's open til 11.30pm

She mentioned that she would text me the Post Code, but 10 mins on, still waiting..

Offline Jackjones

She says she is Japanese on the profile, then again would be hard to really notice the diffrance in accents when speaking english!

Did you ever get a postcode tho is the question lol, looks like no one really has been to see her/them might have to bite the bullet and go see what i can see for my self next week

Offline CoolTiger

Yes I did get it eventually, so appeared to be a genuine address. Can't recall any details as I deleted it.

Offline jooldude

I have been there twice.

First time was an older lady, perhaps late 30's, nice but very basic covered suck and fuck. Said she was from Japan if I recall correct. I did not believe her but also did not care.

Second time a different girls and I am sorry to say, she was not very pleasing to the eye. Again, basic covered suck and fuck with the added bonus of reminding me how much time was left every few minutes. Had to finish myself off by hand.

Run by a very old man and woman. The old guy will let you in and point you towards a bedroom where the lady will be waiting.

Never been back since the second time, never will.

The place is near the coral bookies close to the cathedral, I won't be more specific than that.

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