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Author Topic: Why do escorts think they are better people than punters?  (Read 16225 times)

Offline smiths

I wouldn't say I hate sex at all as I do enjoy it but I will happy admit I don't enjoy it with everyone. It would be a rather obvious lie if I said I did. However some clients ensure I'm enjoying it too and because I'm enjoying it they get a better experience from me
Some clients I have hated it with for various reasons. Such as ignorant or rife people , Arrogant men men who lay down with their hands behind their heads and don't give any feedback at all or even move but expect me to be a mind reader as they don't speak either. However these people get blocked so I don't see them again so normally anyone who comes back is someone I find pleasant and either find it easy to connect to them or have a enjoyable time with
We are not robots so cannot possibly enjoy sex with every man we see but part if our job is not letting them know
Some we really enjoy and look forward to the next time, some we like and will always see them if they ask and some we can't stand so we block their calls so they can't try to book

I cannot see the point of lying about it as no one can possibly enjoy sex with everyone who walks through the door but a sensible prossie will not see those who make her want to bathe in bleach and scrub themselves raw

The point of lying is to try to attract punters. Its not rocket science to work that out.

How i view it is IF a WG enjoys it great, if she doesnt at least act as though she does which i see as part of giving a good service.

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