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Author Topic: Victor Meldrew moment  (Read 556 times)

Anyone else frustrated that when booking through an agency you never know whats on offer until you get there? I suppose this forum is the only source of information that partially circumvents the problem.
The other thing that gets my goat is when a service is offered(say on Adultwork) but when push comes to shove the lady will not deliver. Im thinking about saying I will only be prepared to pay half up front and the rest after the punt to make sure I get what it says on the tin.
Anyone tried this tactic?
Lastly anyone seen Amy? (Diamonds) she looks hot to trot, but couple of things holding me back.
A regular punt of mine who works for Diamonds(but shall remain nameless) confirmed to me that Amy (and others those usually working 10am -2am, next morning) are pimped. The thought of some east european gorilla lurking in the background fills me with dread.  There was something else mentioned re these east european girls that was even more disturbing.(Anyone else heard any rumours).
If any of this is true I wonder if those running Diamonds feel any crumb of moral obligation by putting their clients at risk! 

Offline toon972

I have heard off other girls that they are pimped,they even turn up for the photo shoots.Never heard anything else,though never been to Diamonds for a while now.Makes you think how much the girls are receiving.I remember booking Hannah a while back and when I arrived she was straight onto phone talking to someone in foreign language,she is Romanian.Probably pimp

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