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Author Topic: any massage parlor in Havant? need it for sunday visit the area  (Read 5538 times)

Offline lovetopunt


Not sure it is in the right area or not. I will be going to Havant on Sunday and might end up need to kill sometime during my time there and wonder if there's any parlor near the station for a quick one.


P.S. if this post in the wrong area, can you tell me which region shall I post this.

There's a Chinese shop just outside the station - just massage and HE.

Offline bebobdado

What's it called? Can you just walk in or do you have to make an appointment?

Offline lovetopunt

I looked up online and there's two. one on market parade and one on north street. which one with HE?

42 Market Parade - on the corner. I've both booked and turned up unannounced and would recommend booking. As usual the ladies are not always stunners and the level of service may vary but the massage has always been good.

Offline lovetopunt

How much for 1 hr with HE please?

£40/hr for the massage then negotiate with the girl once you're in the room.

Offline lovetopunt

Thanks for the info.

Can I get the HE for £10-15 more?

Offline lovetopunt

Just want to report that I went there today and the massage was ok which is £40 but I got carried away and pay an extra £30 for HE with her fully naked and she let me finger and lick her pussy. It was fun but feel like I might over spent for a massage.

Offline fabbian von minky

was anythink else offered was she naked all the time ,pretty girl etc age.
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